Mariah Sharapova Reveals How She Has Managed To Maintain Her Beauty written by: annase

Maria Sharapova is an elite and beautiful tennis personality who has maintained her beauty. Although sometimes she trains and plays tennis under the sun, her skin complexion keeps glowing, well moisturized and hydrated. But how has Maria Sharapova managed to retain her natural complexion at 28 years?

Proper diet

One of the secret to retain a natural beauty is eating healthy food. Although many girls of her age prefer fad diet, eating healthy diet has enabled Maria to maintain her natural beauty. Beauty fades with time, but a healthy diet slows down the rate at which beauty fades. She believes that whatever you eat is not only part of the inner being but significantly influences the outer fabric of your body. If you don’t pay attention to what you eat, you are likely to experience more skin problems. Poor diet can cause serious skin problems.

Maria prefers protein rich diet and gluten free steers. Protein is very important because it helps to build muscles. She takes a mixture of protein and carbs during the match day to keep her energy high. Fruits and vegetables are also very important. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers that help in the absorption of excess water in the body. This helps her to maintain her normal body weight. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Antioxidants are very important because they eliminate free radicals in the skin. In addition, antioxidants reduce age signs such as wrinkles, black spots, and fines lines. They can also tone and tighten the skin. Some of the fruits rich in antioxidant are;


Strawberries are rich in antioxidants that reduce free radicals in the body. Free radicals damages skin cells and breaks down collagens causing premature age signs. According to the research done by the America Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who eat strawberries are less likely to suffer premature age signs. Maria has realized the health benefit of strawberries has a strong weapon to keep premature age signs at bay. 

Olive oil

Another important food that has helped Maria maintain her natural glow is olive oil. Olive oil provides antioxidants that disarms free radical and reduces inflammation. Olive oil is lip gloss and a skin soother. Olive oil will hydrate, rejuvenate and evenly tone the skin. 

Pumpkin is perfect

Modern ladies tend to ignore the healthy benefits of pumpkins. Pumpkins are powerful wrinkle fighting food that eliminates free radicals in the body. It is rich in vitamins A, C and E and very powerful enzymes that cleanse the skin. In addition, pumpkins can help to hydrate and soften the skin.

Avoid carbonated drinks, water is perfect

Carbonated drinks such as sodas, beers, and fruit juices are dangerous to your beauty. To maintain beautiful curves and a great complexion, avoid carbonated drinks and go for fresh water. Rather than fruit juices, go for fresh fruits. Carbonated drinks are rich in calories and few of healthy nutrients and minerals. Foods that are rich in calories causes rapid weight gain which damages your figure. Maria has been able to maintain her beautiful figure because she understood how carbonated drinks can ruin her figure. 

Instead of sodas, use fresh water. Approximately 60% of the human body is water. Some of the benefits of drinking adequate water include;

Water flushes out toxins and microbes that damage your skin

Water improves blood flow to the skin

Water helps to carry nutrients to different parts of your body.

Maria says that water is very important part of her beauty.

Exercise is very important

The tennis superstar understands the importance of exercise. She spends around two hours in the gym. She prefers yoga or biking exercises, but she includes strength training and cardio to ensure she is always at her peak. She spends at least two hours on the tennis court.

Maria says that being active will not only help her to achieve her goals only, but it is very important for her body fitness. She says that exercise is very important because it keeps her in shape. Without exercises, you are likely to gain weight rapidly. If you want to keep you figure, it is good to exercise.

Keep your house in good condition

Despite her heavy schedule, Maria Sharapova takes her time to relax. She believes it is her responsibility to keep her house clean and fresh. One of the best ways she maintains her house is by ensuring her carpets are clean. She has hired professional carpet cleaning company to clean her carpets. According to Maria, many homeowners bypass the importance of hiring professional carpet cleaning company. However, carpet can harbour bacteria and fungi that can damage your skin. Cleaning carpet is not easy, and at-home carpet cleaning methods may not eliminate bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that can damage your skin. However, professional carpet cleaning company use advanced methods that will eliminate all the microorganisms. Some of the methods used by Carpet Cleaning in London Companies include;

Steam cleaning (carpet extraction)

Bonnet cleaning

Rotary scrub shampooing

Sanitizing and deodorizing

Carpet Encapsulation

Carpet stain protection

Maria says that she doesn’t need a fancy party to be happy, good health, good friends, ensuring your home looks great and your carpets are clean gives an inner satisfaction.

According to Maria, keeping fit is very easy. Eating fit is a very important factor that can determine your look. Always ensure you are on a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables are a must because they are rich in fibres that absorb excess water in the blood. Excess water in the body is a major cause of rapid weight gain. Fruits and vegetable contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that eliminate free radicals in the body. 

You should also drink plenty of water, and importantly, you should be proud of your house. Ensure your carpets are clean because carpets can harbor micro-organisms that can damage your skin. Carpet cleaning company has all the equipment and expertise to remove all dirt and stains to leave your carpet looking brand new. However, you should ensure you only hire reputable and experienced carpet cleaning company.